Pentecost Party

Reception have really enjoyed learning about Pentecost this half term. We have made fire hats and steamers and learnt all about the Holy Spirit! We made invitations for the whole school to come to our Pentecost Party to celebrate the Church’s Birthday! We had lots of fun singing and dancing and even had some birthday cake too!

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Reception Stay and Play

Reception have had a lovely Stay and Play this morning doing Expressive Arts and Design. We used lots of different materials to make our own Gruffalos and we used play dough to make our own Bog Babies. We sang lots of songs and used our musical instruments outside to make sounds. We made lots of models in our creative area and even used paints and eggs to create a monster. We have really enjoyed our Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandads coming to see us!

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Reception’s Bog Babies

Take a look at some of Reception’s Bog Babies! We read part of the story but we were not allowed to see what he looked like. We then used our imaginations and created our own Bog Babies. We can’t wait to read the rest of the story and find out if they do look like the actual Bog Baby! We also wrote our own sentences about what our  Bog Babies look like. We made sure we used a capital letter and full stop!

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The Gruffalo – Nursery

Nursery have had lots of fun reading The Gruffalo! We’ve made Gruffalo shape faces using 2D shapes, which shapes can you see?

We’ve enjoyed making Gruffalo Crumble, we followed the instructions, carefully chopping the bananas and mixing the butter into the biscuits. We baked it in the oven and all tasted it when it was ready, it was yummy!





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Reception 2S’s Class Assembly

Reception performed a fantastic assembly today for everybody about Living and Growing. They showed off their super work, sang beautifully and acted out the story, ‘Farmer Duck.’ The children used their big, clear voices and everyone was so proud of them! Well done Reception!

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Gruffalo Crumble Reception

Reception had great fun making Gruffalo Crumble! Firstly we had to weigh out all of the ingredients and peel and slice some bananas. We then had to stir the butter, brown sugar and cinnamon into the biscuit crumbs. Next we put the bananas and berries in a dish and put the crumb mixture on top. We baked it in the oven for 20 minutes. Our Gruffalo Crumble was delicious! What great chefs we are!

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Bog Baby – Nursery 💧🌸

Well Nursery have certainly had a busy start to our new topic ‘Monsters.’

We have really enjoyed sharing the book Bog Baby.  We helped make our new role play area, we think it’s just like Bluebell Woods in the story!

We designed our very own Bog Baby and described what they looked like. We used dough and lots of different materials for the wings and tails.

We have been thinking about where our Bog Babies might like to live. In the story he didn’t enjoy living in a bucket so we designed our own Bog Baby habitats and thought carefully about what he might like! We came up with some really good ideas like grass, mud and leaves.

We finally painted beautiful Bog Baby pictures, we used cork and pastel coloured paints to create pictures like the ones in the book. We’ve really enjoyed reading this story. Next week we can’t wait to start The Gruffalo!


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The Gruffalo- Reception

We have been excited to start our new topic ‘Monsters’ this week in Reception! We read the story ‘The Gruffalo’ and talked about what he looks like. We then wrote some fantastic sentences, describing him. Take a look at our super writing. We love our new topic already!

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Stations of the Cross – Nursery ✝️

Nursery were very prayerful and thoughtful throughout the Stations of the Cross. We learnt all about Jesus’ struggle and gave caring and thoughtful answers. We are ready to start Holy Week.

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International Story Telling Week – Nursery

Nursery have enjoyed reading So Much! As part of International Story Telling Week. We helped to look after the babies, we gave them baths and cared for them in our home corner. We are really good at sharing stories with our friends!

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