Exploring fish!

We have been learning all about fish in Reception this week and we even explored real fish! We looked at Trouts, Lemon Soles, Prawns and Mussels. We used our senses to describe what the fish looked like. We held the fish and used words like ‘gooey’, ‘slimey’ and ‘cold’. We had lots of fun learning all about under the sea creatures and we especially enjoyed holding them! Take a look!

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Water 💦⛵️💧

This week Nursery have been very busy exploring water. Firstly we investigated floating and sinking and predicted which items would float and which items would sink, we had fun testing our predictions!

We then got a letter from real pirates! Their boats were broken and we had to design new ones that would float! We used lots of different materials to make them. Can you see the flags on our boats?

Once we made our boats we tested them to see which ones floated and which ones sank.  We decided that plastic was the best material as it didn’t get wet, the egg boxes were too soggy! We’ve learnt lots exploring water this week.






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EYFS Sports Day

We had a fantastic day at our EYFS Sports Day this week! We had lots of fun taking part in all the races, especially the dress up race! Nursery and Reception did so well and we were all super fast! Thank you to everyone who came to cheer us on!

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New Topic – Pirates!

Nursery have had a fun start to their new topic, Pirates and Under the Sea.

We have enjoyed playing in our new areas, especially role playing on the pirate ship!

We learnt about different sea animals and wrote our own stories based on Commotion in the Ocean, we’re trying hard to hold a pencil!

We read the story Tiddler and painted beautiful under the sea pictures, can you spot the little grey fish in our pictures?

Finally we designed our own treasure maps! We stained the paper using coffee to make it look old and we thought about where we’d bury treasure if we were pirates! We included lots of things on our maps; creeks, trees, ships, lakes, caves, volcanoes and even a compass!









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We love our new topic, ‘Pirates’ in Reception! We had fun using our hands to make our own handprint Pirates. The paint tickled our hands! We also used paper plates to make a Pirates face. We used different matierials to create its face! We enjoyed sharing our Pirates name with our friends!

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Pentecost Party

Reception have really enjoyed learning about Pentecost this half term. We have made fire hats and steamers and learnt all about the Holy Spirit! We made invitations for the whole school to come to our Pentecost Party to celebrate the Church’s Birthday! We had lots of fun singing and dancing and even had some birthday cake too!

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Reception Stay and Play

Reception have had a lovely Stay and Play this morning doing Expressive Arts and Design. We used lots of different materials to make our own Gruffalos and we used play dough to make our own Bog Babies. We sang lots of songs and used our musical instruments outside to make sounds. We made lots of models in our creative area and even used paints and eggs to create a monster. We have really enjoyed our Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandads coming to see us!

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Reception’s Bog Babies

Take a look at some of Reception’s Bog Babies! We read part of the story but we were not allowed to see what he looked like. We then used our imaginations and created our own Bog Babies. We can’t wait to read the rest of the story and find out if they do look like the actual Bog Baby! We also wrote our own sentences about what our  Bog Babies look like. We made sure we used a capital letter and full stop!

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The Gruffalo – Nursery

Nursery have had lots of fun reading The Gruffalo! We’ve made Gruffalo shape faces using 2D shapes, which shapes can you see?

We’ve enjoyed making Gruffalo Crumble, we followed the instructions, carefully chopping the bananas and mixing the butter into the biscuits. We baked it in the oven and all tasted it when it was ready, it was yummy!





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Reception 2S’s Class Assembly

Reception performed a fantastic assembly today for everybody about Living and Growing. They showed off their super work, sang beautifully and acted out the story, ‘Farmer Duck.’ The children used their big, clear voices and everyone was so proud of them! Well done Reception!

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